Another Memorial Sculpture

heart memorial sculpture

In Dec. 2010, I was approached by a woman who had lost her husband to cancer earlier that summer. She asked me to create a sculpture to remember her husband and that she could place in her garden where the two had said goodbye to […]

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NorthShore Arts Crawl – Thank You!

Thank you to all those who dropped by to the gallery this weekend, as part of the First Annual Northshore Arts Crawl. Over 100 Artists in 40 locations, the event was well-attended and created a great platform for Artists to showcase their work.

A special thanks to […]

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The Lost Sculptures Project

After 3o years of a professional art career, Michael Binkley is on the search for all his creations. He doesn’t want the sculptures back, he just wants to start a record of them in the form of photos […]

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