Crowd Funding the Rygo

I was contacted by a young gentleman named JF Brandon as he is attempting to raise money in order to produce a three dimensional print of a sculpture. He was wondering if the technology was of interest […]

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Designed for Work, Designed for Play

michael binkley toyota pick-up truck

After 18 years, our old Toyota 4×4 pickup truck finally gave up the ghost. It came as no surprise – Michelle and I have been anticipating its demise for a few years now, but we just kept pushing our luck with her. The […]

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Michael Binkley’s Valentine for Michelle Binkley

In 2010, I celebrated my 30th anniversary Studio Show exhibition, and to mark the occasion, Michelle suggested that I re-introduce my two dimensional work to the mix. I decided to do only small scale, framed pen & ink and charcoal drawings of nudes and they were well received by the visitors to the gallery. There […]

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myVancouver Interviews Michael Binkley on Telus TV

In December, 2011, Mia Jagpal, producer and host of Telus’ myVancouver community program came to the gallery to interview me. As it is a television service provider, the CRTC requires that Telus provide community programming on their OptikTV service. Mia brought her cameraman, David Vandas and together they put together a full 18 minute HD […]

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Granite Bowl Sink

I came home from work the other night, and voila! – there on the kitchen counter was Michael’s latest creation. I am so spoiled. He carved a large granite boulder into a sink for our guest bathroom renovation which should be done sometime this spring. We […]

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Do Sales Affect My Creativity? YES!

granite blocks binkley studio

In my 30+ year career, I’ve had many ups and downs. There have been periods of great sales, good business connections and feelings of euphoria that have been followed by periods of slow sales and the worry that the world has forgotten about me.

I […]

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