Marble Sculptures of Frisbee Players

A collector came to the gallery and wanted my humourous sculpture, “I’ve Got it!” He is one who appreciates a good laugh, and this sculpture was to go in the living room of his summer house. However, he wanted another piece to go with it.

I was immediately […]

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101 Things to Learn in Art School

I received an great gift from Michelle, a book called 101 Things to Learn in Art School, by Kit White. Since I never went to any formal art schools, I thought “this will be good.” I think it will be interesting to share some of White’s insights, […]

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Nature’s Design in the Sky

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I am currently in Longview, Alberta, Canada looking after my parent’s house and animals while they are away on their annual ski holiday. Longview is situated in the heart of Canadian cattle country in the Foothills of […]

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