Michael Binkley Discovers the Sondervig Sand Sculpture Festival

Written by Michael Binkley, July 3, 2018

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture sondervig denmark sand

I have been volunteering on the Grouse Mountain Snow Sculpting Team in Vancouver, BC, Canada for three years now, and the team captain is a retired international sand sculpture competitor. Alan Matsumoto has regaled me with stories of his work, and I have […]

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Michael Binkley Experiences Solstice 2018 at Stonehenge

Written by Michael Binkley, June 30, 2018

michael binkley sculpture stone sculptor stonehenge uk england

I had the great privilege to be invited by our UK host, Zoe to join her and her friend, Catherine to attend Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

I have long been interested in Stonehenge and its mysterious construction over 3,000 years ago  to […]

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Binkley’s Year Abroad Explained

Written by Michael Binkley, June 29, 2018

Although I’ve written a post about why Michelle and I are working and travelling abroad for a year, here is a visual recap for you. This was recorded in our rental car, driving across the plains of USA, enroute to New York City to board the Queen Mary 2 for our trans-Atlantic crossing.

Binkley in NYC, USA with Art and Architecture, Awaiting Boarding the QM2

Written by Michael Binkley, June 8, 2018

We have made it safely to Brooklyn, NY, USA after 7 days driving across the continent. When we crested the last ridge of New Jersey and saw the Manhattan skyline, we were excited and relieved. We made the decision to enter Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel, cross the island into Brooklyn where our B&B is […]

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Michael Binkley Half-way Across North America Enroute to Europe

Written by Michael Binkley, June 3, 2018

michael binkley sculptpr stone sculpture crazy horse mount rushmore vancouver

Michelle and I are half-way across the USA tonight, stopping in Rockford, IL. Two days ago, we drove through the eastern half of Montana, and were impressed with the expansive vistas from the highway. In places, it seemed one could almost […]

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Michael Binkley Embarks on a Year Abroad

Written by Michael Binkley, May 31, 2018

It has been a long-time dream for Michelle and I to live and work abroad for a year, and we are finally executing the plan. We have said goodbye to our cozy home in North Vancouver, BC,  Canada and are on our way to the UK and Europe.

My blog will shift a little […]

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CNC Robot at Work on Binkley Public Art Sculptures

Written by Michael Binkley, May 1, 2018

I can finally show you how 60% of my public art sculpture project for Vancity Savings Credit Union was done. For the period of production of the two granite sculptures, I was under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Vancity, as they wanted the project to be a surprise when they were installed. Titled “Perception/Perspective”, […]

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Binkley Unveils His Vancity Savings Credit Union Sculpture Commission

Written by Michael Binkley, April 27, 2018

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture granite commission vancity savings vancovuver chinatown

On Sunday morning, April 22, 2018, I installed and unveiled my public art sculptures, titled “Perspective/Perception” in front of the Vancity Savings Credit Union in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, Canada at the corner of Main and Keefer Streets. After months of […]

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Back to Epiphany – a Sculptor’s Return to His Moment of Inspiration

Written by Michael Binkley, April 15, 2018

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture pietrasanta italy

It is official. We now own our brand new studio and gallery space in Squamish, BC, Canada. After over a year of the build process we now have the keys. But I will not be moving into this space just yet. I know you […]

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Binkley’s Vancity Savings Public Art Sculpture Nearing Completion

Written by Michael Binkley, April 4, 2018

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture vancity savings public art granite sculpture vancouver

My latest pubic art sculpture commission is nearing completion and these are detail shots of some parts of the sculptures. I’m carving two artworks in grey granite that will grace the entryway to one of Vancity Savings Credit Union’s […]

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