Kinetic Sculpture Artist – Reuben Margolin

Written by Michael Binkley, March 24, 2011

You know when you come across something on the internet, and you think – oh, I’ll check it out, then before you know it you are an hour into something that intrigues you? Well it happened to me […]

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Little Design Company in Vancouver

Written by Michael Binkley, March 21, 2011

The other day a friend of mine called and asked to take me to one of her favourite design studios in Vancouver. We bundled up on a cold and windy west coast morning to “The Little Design Company”, […]

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Warming Huts Design by Patkau Architects in Vancouver

Written by Michael Binkley, March 19, 2011

This picture shows a close up of an award winning design for a warming hut, by Patkau Architects, a firm in Vancouver. The design is called “Jellyfish” and it one of 5 winning proposals chosen from over 130 […]

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The Stone Sculptor’s Wife

Written by Michael Binkley, March 16, 2011

michelle binkley thinking

As I look back on the last 25 years of being in a relationship with a stone carver, a few things stand out as “I had no idea..”. Thought I’d put together a little list of […]

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Eggshell Sculpture – “Which Came First?”

Written by Michael Binkley, March 12, 2011

Chicken Sculpture made from Eggshells by Artist, Kyle Bean

I came across this website and instantly became connected to this unique artist from the UK, Kyle Bean. First, I love his name (as it echos my pet name for […]

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Michael Binkley Announces New Website

Written by Michael Binkley, March 9, 2011

Michael Binkley New Website PictureMichael Binkley is pleased to announce the official launch of his new website. After seven years, it was time for a redesign and complete overhaul. The emphasis was to present the sculptures over and […]

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Interior Designers Confuse Vases with Sculpture

Written by Michael Binkley, March 5, 2011

mIchael binkley sketch of a flower vase with caption that it is not a fine art sculpture

Michelle and I enjoy perusing interior design magazines and watching TV shows of same. I get a giggle when a designer enthuses on […]

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Art History Educational Resource – Free!

Written by Michael Binkley, March 3, 2011

I’d like to share a free, on-line resource for all you art history enthusiasts, educators, and students. It’s called and it provides a depth and wealth of knowledge regarding the history of art.

From the first page of […]

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Brancusi Sculptures Make Up The Google Doodle

Written by Michael Binkley, February 27, 2011

google doodle as brancusi sculpturesRomanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi was the subject of the Google Doodle on Feb, 19, the 135th anniversary of his birth. We saw an exhibition of his work at the Tate Modern in London, England in […]

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Betty Sommerville, Graphic Designer Turned Fine Artist

Written by Michael Binkley, February 23, 2011

betty sommerville lithograph abyss

I met Elisabeth Sommerville almost 30 years ago when she was a graphic designer. She created my stationary and and my 1987 Faces & Figures exhibition poster and invitation. In 1995, she segued from graphic design […]

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