Binkley Female Torso Sculpture on ArtBomb Today…

Written by Michael Binkley, June 29, 2016


I have another sculpture up for auction an ArtBomb today. This time ArtBomb has chosen a sculpture titled “Slipped Necklace,” pictured above.

“Slipped Necklace” is a female torso reclining on her right hip. I carved it so that it is balanced on a single point and the sculpture […]

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Binkley Begins a New Abstract

Written by Michael Binkley, June 21, 2016


I began working on another abstract sculpture last summer, but after only one day of carving, I put it aside until a few days ago. I’ve been inspired to finish the piece.

It is one of the last remaining off-cut pieces of Carrara statuario marble from my Queen Mary 2 commission from […]

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Binkley Working Further with ZBrush

Written by Michael Binkley, June 18, 2016

ZBrush Document

I am continuing my lessons with ZBrush, a virtual sculpting program that I am trying to learn. Above is a silly character that I created during one of my lessons.

The sculpting tools, nomenclature and interface are proving to be a steep learning curve, but I am soldering on. I am […]

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Female Nude Finds Home in Italy

Written by Michael Binkley, June 16, 2016


I got an email from a new prospective collector last month, asking after my Female Torso sculpture. Nicola made an appointment to visit the gallery during his stay in Vancouver for a tech conference. He is the owner of Securcube, a digital forensics company which he has developed, based in Asolo, Italy.

He just […]

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New Binkley Bird on ArtBomb

Written by Michael Binkley, June 1, 2016


To start the month of June, I will have another of my small bird sculptures on ArtBomb.

This bird sculpture is carved from aphrodite marble which is quarried in Alaska, USA. This sculpture composition has the bird’s head down and tail up, though a little hard to discern from looking down from […]

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Binkley Orca on ArtBomb on Friday

Written by Michael Binkley, May 25, 2016


ArtBomb has requested another one of my pieces for their daily fine art auction and on Friday, May 27, 2016, you will have the opportunity to bid on my small leaping orca sculpture, pictured above.

I’ve carved the killer whale from a piece of allegra marble which is quarried in the Rocky […]

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Binkley Diversifying His Artistic Talents with ZBrush

Written by Michael Binkley, May 4, 2016


I am going back to school! In an effort to add new dimensions to my skill set, I am learning to design and sculpt in virtual space by learning ZBrush through Pixologic’s online tutorials.

There are many 3D design programs on the market, but I have chosen to learn ZBrush. I was […]

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Michael Binkley Donates Another Sculpture to Seymour Art Gallery

Written by Michael Binkley, April 4, 2016

michael binkley sculptor seymour art gallery start with art exhibition

I have donated another lovely abstract bird sculpture to the Seymour Art Gallery‘s annual Start with Art exhibition.

The show runs from April 6 – May 7, 2016, and is designed and curated to appeal to children. The artworks are displayed low, so […]

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Binkley Presents Vancouver Spring 2016

Written by Michael Binkley, April 3, 2016

michael binkley sculptor sculpture vancouver canada teaching stone carving fine art

I am presenting another edition of “Vancouver Spring”, along with my colleagues, Sandra Bilawich (instructor) and Andrew Pothier (event convenor). This is an intensive five days of instruction that is designed to elevate your love of stone carving to the professional level.

Vancouver Spring will […]

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Binkley Bird Bombed!

Written by Michael Binkley, March 30, 2016

michael binkley sculptor sculpture vancouver canada fine art bird wildlife art

I have another sculpture up for auction on the website, Today, it is a small abstract bird sculpture carved from a colourful piece of honey onyx that is quarried in the state of Utah, USA. It is not meant to […]

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