Tribute to a Well-Loved Wag

Dear Scully,

I heard the news of your passing while at work today and after composing myself in the bathroom for tearful eyes and a foggy head, I decided to write a few words to let the world know […]

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Creative Mistakes = Art

Someone posted this quote on Facebook (apologies to the author – but I didn’t see a credit), and I wanted to share it. This month for some reason we are talking about creative process in some of the […]

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Lee Gass Explains his Sculpture, “The Granite Madonna”

Our friend Lee Gass is a sculptor friend of Michael’s. He is also an educator and scientist and lover of many things eccentric, quirky and off-the-beaten path. Lee is one of the most enjoyable people to spend time with, as he speaks with intelligence and vigour and without knowing it, you ALWAYS learn something when […]

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