NWSSA Annual Camp Brotherhood Symposium, WA, USA

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association produces an annual sculpture symposium at Camp Brotherhood near Mt. Vernon, WA, USA. This year’s event has just finished, and while I was not able to attend, the above is a lovely video produced by Anne Lancaster. Not only does Anne reveal the stunning talents of the stone sculptors who […]

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Bellingham Music and Sculpture

michael palmer michael binkley

Some good news from Bellingham, WA, USA.

The two sculptures, “Topography #1” and “Topography #2” that I am exhibiting at Big Rock Garden this summer have both sold. Sculpture Northwest is the organization that has produced the […]

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Bellingham Festival of Music

michael binkley bellingham festival of music

The Bellingham Festival of Music in WA, USA celebrates its 20th anniversary this week. To mark the occasion, the production company, Anacrusis that organizes the event commissioned me to create a gift to present to […]

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