A New Studio Wasn’t Built in a Day

I’m feeling that what started on September 1, 2019 as a huge empty space has quickly shrunk in size! In early September, a crane truck took two loads of heavy raw stone and my equipment from storage to the studio and I’ve been ferrying smaller items in my truck each time I go. I’ve been outfitting the studio to suit my specific needs and there is still a ways to go before I really feel at home. I’ve built a wet room, installed a small kitchette and bought some industrial racking so I can utilize some of the vertical space.

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture studio art gallery squamish canada

I’ve had to engage sub-trades for some of the work, and that has meant delays, as all are very busy. I finally got the gallery track light equipment and they got hooked up by the electrician last Friday. Michelle and I are looking into getting the gallery floor redone, so pedestals and sculptures will not sit under the new lights just yet.

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture studio art gallery squamish canada

I must admit, I am impatient to get started work, and the process has been longer than I anticipated. But I’m making headway, albeit slowly. The next hurdle is getting clearance for my business licence. I know from experience that this step could prove to be lengthy, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

I’m looking forward to opening the doors soon, so stay tuned….

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  1. Ivan DeWolf

    I read in the paper that you are doing small open houses on Saturdays?

    • Michael Binkley

      Yes, for July and August (excluding Aug 8). We look forward to seeing you.


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