Binkley Part of Squamish Art Walk 2020

I am pleased that our gallery, Binkley Studio Ltd. is a participating venue in the Squamish Art Walk 2020. The Art Walk runs the month of November, and is presented by the Squamish Arts Council. Our gallery will be open regular hours of Tues. – Sat. from 10am to 4pm.

As usual, I will be here working in the studio, so when you arrive, just ring the doorbell (don’t forget to make sure the ring light on the button glows red) and I’ll put down my tools and come let you in the gallery.

We will be following COVID protocols, with hand sanitizer at the door and we will wipe down the gallery with disinfectant after each visit. I’ll be wearing my mask and ask that you do the same for everyone’s safety. Maximum 6 persons at a time per visit.

Come and check out my latest collection of sculptures and limited edition vector drawings.

I look forward to seeing you.

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  1. Molly Kewley

    Hi Michael & Michelle, we are looking forward to coming up to Squamish to visit you and your new gallery. We have a crack in the concrete on the balcony that our mermaid you carved sits on. The leak to our 8th floor neighbours drips on their dining table. This showed up 3 days ago. The engineer was here today with others & the solution is to shrink wrap our balcony, remove all railings, tile & brick. Redoing everything but we have to move mermaid indoors. Do you have someone here we could hire to move her inside? Stay safe, Molly Kewley


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