Abstract Sculpture

Abstract art is sometimes a confusing and alienating subject. Michael Binkley understands this and tries to engage his audience with a doorway they can feel comfortable entering. He does this using form and titles. This is a gallery of some of Binkley’s past abstract sculpture and they give you an idea of his ability to create beautiful, non-representational art forms. His sculpting style is not one of minute detail, as he maintains flowing lines and surfaces throughout his artworks. Binkley can express movement in his abstract compositions and leads your mind to representational images, yet he honours the stone’s solidity and strength. Click on any thumbnail below to learn more about that sculpture.

All the sculptures in this gallery are sold. If you’d like to see abstract sculptures that are currently available for purchase, please go to Sculpture for Sale. If you are interested in commissioning Binkley to create an abstract sculpture especially for you, please contact us.

Michael Binkley