Lady Bertha – Ode to Henry Moore, 2004

• indiana limestone
• 24” H x 48” W x 24” D (61cm H x 122cm W x 61cm D)
• collection of Mr.& Mrs. J. Schmelke, Vancouver, BC, Canada

michael binkley sculptor sculpture original fine art gallery vancouver canada marble abstract female torso reclining figure

Sculptor Michael Binkley received a commission to create a reclining figurative stone sculpture for a renovated garden in the Point Grey area of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Bonnie and John love the work of the late British artist, Henry Moore and asked Binkley if he would propose a sculpture that had influences of Moore in the artwork.

Binkley envisioned a reclining figure and proposed it be carved in a variety of limestone that is quarried in the state of Indiana, USA. The patron’s loved the choice, as it fit into the colour scheme of the environment and weathers well in Vancouver’s climate. Indiana limestone has long been used for architectural purposes.

Binkley orientated the sculpture so the grain of the limestone was horizontal. This allowed the uniform parallel grain to form curvilinear patterns as a result of the sculpture form. One can see the reclining figure’s head that is turned to the left, the right arm rests on the lowered right knee, the left arm is relaxed in the figure’s lap and the left knee is bent upwards. The remaining details of the figure blend and flow into each other and there is an interesting juxtaposition of positive and negative space.

Binkley supervised the installation of the heavy sculpture by way of a crane truck and Bonnie and John were thrilled with the sculpture.

Michael Binkley