Mother, 2002

• monashee black marble, onyx & granite
• 40” H x 6” W x 6” D (101cm H x 15cm W x 15cm D)
• private collection, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

michael binkley sculptor sculpture original fine art gallery vancouver canada marble abstract

Sculptor Michael Binkley was inspired to carve “Mother” by the initial shape of the raw piece of marble. The monashee marble shard had a definitive black and charcoal grey veining running in the direction of the elongation. Binkley created a very slim, convex elliptical composition and carved a concave negative space on the top part. This created a stylized image of a robed Madonna, so Binkley added an egg shaped piece of mahogany onyx, mounting it off-centre at the bottom of the concave space to represent a child being held in the arms of its mother.

The sculptor mounted the sculpture on a red granite base. The surface of the black marble is a silky smooth matte finish and Binkley added clear marble wax to deepen the colour and gives the surface the look of a dry bar of soap. The egg has a high gloss finish.

Binkley will often contrast the colour of the subject sculpture and its base, so he chose a lighter coloured granite against the darkness of the subject.

Michael Binkley