Venus, 2008

• red travertine & granite
• 5” H x 12” W x 4” D (13cm H x 30cm W x 10cm D)
• collection of Dr. & Mrs. Lomnes, Pender Island, BC, Canada

michael binkley sculptor sculpture original fine art gallery vancouver canada marble abstract reclining female nude

Michael Binkley carved this original abstract stone sculpture from a variety of travertine that was quarried near Pisa, Italy.

The sculpture is like a stylized reclining female figure and Binkley incorporated a single dominant edge that both describes some of the features of the figure and carries the viewer’s eye around the sculpture. This edge begins at the figure’s right breast and curves up to describe a shoulder and flows down under the sculpture to the waist. It continues up again to delineate the belly and then undulates down to describe the hip, knee and shin of the figure’s left leg. Two mounded forms describe the female’s breasts.

Binkley did not want to create a complex composition with this stone, as the colours and patterns of the travertine are what grab the viewer’s attention first. The artist honours this aspect and allows his sculpted form to be secondary. Travertine is a sedimentary stone and mineral carrying water filtered through the rock eons ago when it was being formed in the earth. This resulted in the thousands of tiny cavities in the stone and the multi-hued striations of reds. Each cavity has tiny quartz crystals on the walls that can be seen at very close range.

Binkley made the surface of the sculpture a smooth matte finish to allow the colours of the stone to be highlighted, yet still be able to successfully hold shadow. The figure reclines on a charcoal grey highly polished granite base.

Michael Binkley