Vertical Horizon, 2001

• mahogany granite, carrara marble & absolute black granite
• 42” H x 12” W x 9” D (107cm H x 30cm W x 23cm D)
• private collection, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

michael binkley sculptor sculpture original fine art gallery vancouver canada granite marble abstract

Science fiction has long held sculptor Michael Binkley’s imagination. From Star Wars to Black Holes, images of deep space and quantum physics sometimes inspire the artist’s creative juices and “Vertical Horizon” is one such result.

Binkley took the image of a rising moon and turned it ninety degrees. Most of us think of the horizon as horizontal, but the sculptor jogs your eye by making it vertical. The highly polished white marble sphere seems to be appearing from behind the vertical straight edge of the red granite. It is actually affixed by a hidden metal pin. Binkley carved and polished a relief on the red granite that resembles a mountain range and sculpted the remainder to be rough, as if it were the surface of an mysterious astroid. The sculpture is mounted on a black granite base and free of the pin, so it can be turned to any viewing angle.

Michael Binkley