Our advertising stats are a bit different from most. We’ll get to the quantifying part in a minute, but first you should know about our collectors and followers.

Although this blog is new, we have over 1500+ collectors who come to the sculpture shows of Michael Binkley on a regular basis, and we have met and spent time with most of them face-to-face. These people have continually supported us over the last 30 years and continue to do so. We greatly admire and respect this group of collectors, as without them we would not be living as artists – for this reason, we do not share our e-mail list or sell it for any reason.

As well as this core group of collectors, there is an additional 750 e-mail only individuals who have found us by way of word of mouth or on the internet.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Our core group of collectors and followers are very loyal and interested in art and design. They will visit the site often and are not just random names on a list.

There are four places for ads in the right side bar, and six pages on this web site, for a total of 30 spots. Each spot is priced based on the page it appears.

Our ad rates are guaranteed until Dec.1st, 2011 and are as follows (prices indicated are per spot);

Index page (first page or landing page): $ 35.00 per month

About page: $ 25.00 per month

Contact page: $ 20.00 per month

Stay Informed page: $ 20.00 per month

Advertise page: $ 20.00 per month

Search/Category page: $ 20.00 per month

The ad sizes are 140px by 140px and can be sent to us via jpeg (240 resolution).

The preferred form of payment is via PayPal. Please contact us for details. All ads are subject to approval.

Google Analytics will follow in the coming months.

Michael Binkley