Binkley Commissioned to Carve Baseball Glove

Written by Michael Binkley, December 1, 2017

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture baseball glove vancouver

I have been commissioned to carve a baseball glove for the owner of the development company that is building my new studio.

The owner also has a concrete company and the granite boulder for the project came from the quarry for the concrete aggregate. […]

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Binkley Commissioned to Make FANS 2017 Awards

Written by Michael Binkley,

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture fans awards vancouver

I was commissioned create the FANS Recognition Awards for 2017. FANS is an organization that honours distinguished artists from the North Shore of Vancouver, Canada each year who have achieved national and/or international status. FANS also awards grants to emerging artists to […]

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Binkley’s New Studio and Gallery Build Progress

Written by Michael Binkley, November 16, 2017

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture studio gallery vancouver squamish

My new gallery and studio that is being built in Squamish is progressing nicely. It is one of eight units in a new light industrial complex.

The exterior front entrance is almost complete with wooden awning and lighting (upper left). They are building […]

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Binkley Unveils Granite Banana Slug Public Art Sculpture

Written by Michael Binkley, November 8, 2017

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture granite public art vancouver bc children's hospital

I was commissioned to create a sculpture for the new BC Children’s Hospital TACC facility as part of the  Children’s Healing Experience Project. The San Diego design firm of Aesthetics Inc. was hired to oversee the creation […]

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Binkley Uses CNC Machine to Carve a ZBrush File

Written by Michael Binkley, October 6, 2017

michael binkley sculptor on stone sculpture 3D zbrush virtual design cnc machine

The next step for me on my virtual sculpting path is to have a CNC robot carve one of my 3D ZBrush compositions. My friend and colleague, Carl Nelson invited me to send him one of my virtual sculptures […]

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Binkley Successfully Completes Orca Commission

Written by Michael Binkley, August 15, 2017

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture orca wildlife ocean vancouver

I have completed a commission for an orca whale sculpture for a new collector in Portland, OR, USA. The sculpture is 16″H x 16″W x 8″D, carved from Italian portoro macchia marble and mounted on a glass base.

Normally, a sculpture of […]

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Binkley Making Progress with ZBrush Program

Written by Michael Binkley, July 20, 2017

I’ve been teaching myself ZBrush, a virtual sculpting program on my computer. I’m finding it very challenging, as the program is extremely powerful, which translates to a steep learning curve!

I posted some of my doodles a while back, but now I’ve created three files that I have had made into 3D prints. These are plastic sculptures […]

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Binkley will Mentor at NWSSA Suttle Lake Syposium

Written by Michael Binkley, July 17, 2017


I have been invited to the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association Suttle Lake Symposium in Oregon this summer to be a mentor on the field for a few days. I will also give a presentation on my discoveries in the 3D virtual world of ZBrush. This year’s Symposium will run Aug. 20 […]

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Binkley Small Painting on ArtBomb Today

Written by Michael Binkley, June 21, 2017

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture painting fine art make nude vancouver

I have a small painting on the auction block today on ArtBomb. It’s a little 8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas of a male nude with arms crossed over his head, done in 2013.

If you haven’t followed my art career, […]

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Binkley Commission for Orca Sculpture

Written by Michael Binkley, June 13, 2017

michael binkley sculptor stone sculpture marble orca killer whale vancouver

I received a commission to create another leaping orca sculpture to be executed from the lovely portoro macchia marble from La Spezia, Italy.

A film director contacted me, as he was interested in the orca sculpture that I recently sold but was […]

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