Underwater Sculpture

I came across this example of sculpture used in a most wonderful way. It is sculpture that is displayed under water, and they have been purposely placed to form artificial reefs.

The Artist, Jason de Caires Taylor is the […]

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The LEGO Inspiration

picture of LEGO sculptor

I received a small kit of LEGO blocks in my stocking this year – Santa knows that I keep the child inside alive. It took me back to my childhood and tweens, when LEGO was my […]

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Photographing Sculpture

photo of black sculpture and white sculpture against white background

An interesting note about photographing sculpture:

When using a contrasting background colour to the subject, the eye is initially drawn to the profile shape of the sculpture. Then the […]

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A Visit to The Noguchi Museum

We visited the Noguchi Museum in NY last month during a fun getaway to the big apple. It had been a long wait to visit this Japanese-American’s sculptures in situ – one visit left us staring at a […]

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