Figurative Sculpture

Michael Binkley has a long standing love for the human form and regards the nude as his favourite subject matter. Binkley found his epiphany to turn to stone sculpture while witnessing Michelangelo’s nudes at the Accademia della Belle Arte in 1980, in Florence Italy. In this gallery, you will discover examples of how Binkley has taken that spark and has taught himself to express life and movement in his figurative compositions. Binkley’s knowledge and appreciation for human anatomy is evident, and he describes each sculpture with gentle line and surface that belies the cold, inanimate stone from which he carves each art work. His love for the human form is clearly expressed in these sculptures. Click on any thumbnail below to learn more about that sculpture.

All the sculptures in this gallery are sold. If you’d like to see figurative sculptures that are currently available for purchase, please go to Sculpture for Sale. If you are interested in commissioning Binkley to create a figurative sculpture especially for you, please contact us.

Michael Binkley