Celtic Warrior, 1997

• oolitic limestone
• 28” H x 12” W x 8” D (71cm H x 30cm W x 20cm D)
• private collection, Victoria, BC, Canada

michael binkley sculptor sculpture original fine art gallery vancouver canada marble figurative male nude celtic warrior

Michael Binkley began work on this original fine art stone sculpture as a demonstration piece at a local art festival event. West Vancouver presents an annual event, the “Harmony Arts Festival” and in 1997, Binkley was asked to work in front of the public on the plaza outside the Ferry Building Gallery over the course of the Festival that year.

The completed sculpture is a torso of a male nude. Binkley incorporated some drapery over the figure’s left shoulder, emulating an ancient warrior. He carved a Celtic knot on the broach that secures the cloak. This gives the sculpture its title.

Binkley used an oolitic limestone that is quarried in the state of Utah, USA. This stone is creamy white, with striations of taupe colour and is excellent for figurative sculpture. The finish of the art work is a silky smooth matte, giving the limestone the ability to successfully hold shadow and is wonderful to the touch. The sculptor left the cloak with the slightly rougher texture left by a rondel chisel.

Binkley exhibited the sculpture at an exhibition later that year and it was purchased by his chiropractor and his partner. It now graces the entrance to their home.

Michael Binkley